Have an intractable problem? Looking to build a stronger team? Design thinking is a process aimed at solving problems that focuses on empathy, experimentation, and feedback.

Interested in setting up a workshop? Have questions? Reach out to Dan Riehs or Allison Reilly to get started.

Introductory Workshop

Design thinking refers to strategies and processes traditionally used to develop new products and designs. Design thinking’s focus on user needs had made it a popular technique for problem-solving outside of the realm of traditional design. Problems are tackled deliberately, in a step-by-step manner that reveals the creativity in everyone.

Participants in an introductory workshop will be presented with a realistic scenario involving a strategic challenge at a university. They will be led through the design thinking process in a virtual brainstorming environment, and emerge with actionable ideas that could be implemented. This highly-interactive workshop will give participants a foundational understanding of design thinking techniques and introduce new methods for collaboratively solving problems.

Introductory workshops are typically held over two 2-hour virtual sessions. They work well for groups of 3 or more.

How We Can Help You

Design thinking consulting and workshops could be useful for you and your team in a variety of capacities. Here are some of our current offerings—all of which are available in a dynamic virtual environment: 

  • Intro to Design Thinking Workshops
  • Targeted Problem-Solving—Custom Design Thinking Workshops
  • Design Thinking Consulting