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Latino/as at Boston College is an association of faculty, administrators and staff committed to promoting the interests and advocating for the advancement of the Latino community of Boston College. We honor and celebrate the diversity of our culture(s) and actively contribute to the enrichment of the University.

Guiding Principles

In meeting its mission, L@BC works in partnership with Boston College in the engagement, and fulfillment of the University’s mission. L@BC’s primary role is to promote the advancement, welfare, and interests of Latino employees of Boston College while acknowledging the assets, cultural values, experiences, and histories of the Latino community. As a result, in order to do its work, L@BC fully affirms the following guiding principles:

  • L@BC believes in the mission of Boston College and in the University’s role as an agent for a just and equitable society. 
  • L@BC promotes social justice at all levels of the community and strives to advocate for social change.
  • L@BC believes in a collaborative spirit and will work with campus organizations that are focused on betterment of the campus community.
  • L@BC values and promotes diversity in all aspects of University life.
  • L@BC believes in the importance and the right to have a good and fair work environment that supports of all our members’ career paths.
  • L@BC respects and values the life experience of all of members and believes that all voices and opinions are equally as important in order to meet L@BC’s mission and goals.