Guidelines around hiring students as employees and employees as students

The following policy statements are intended to clarify the Department of Human Resources' position with respect to certain "student vs employee" issues. The policies evolved from several general premises:

  • A person is either "primarily a student" or "primarily an employee," and it makes sense to keep "student-primacy" status separate and distinct from "employee-primacy" status.
  • A person may not be on both the student payroll and the non-student payroll simultaneously.
  • We want to avoid situations where two students are doing essentially the same work (e.g., department receptionist), but one is paid a "student job" rate while working next to another student hired through the Temp Pool who is receiving a higher rate.
  • We do not want to compete against ourselves in seeking to fill positions.
  • We do not want to be paying for benefits for our own students.