How to create a HELP ticket

The form below is to be filled out by Auxiliary Services, BC Dining, or Transportation & Parking staff only. 

In order to facilitate prioritization and follow-through of technical support needs, all Auxiliary Services System Support requests must be submitted through the Aux Ticketing System. This system assigns and tracks issues and allows for quick communication between you and the Aux Services Systems team:

  • Melia Kula
  • David Morrissette
  • John Connelly
  • Gesnele Porcena

Please note that issues and requests for service reported through email or phone, without a corresponding ticket, may not be addressed in a timely manner as management cannot effectively follow through on these ad-hoc requests.

For emergency situations that need immediate attention, such as system outages, off-line conditions, etc., please contact the responsible system administrator via phone or text and follow up with a ticket.

When you click the link below, you will be prompted to log in using your standard BC username/password. 

**NOTE: Off campus users will need to run Eagle VPN in order to access the ticketing system.  Get help with Eagle VPN.

Once your request is submitted it will be automatically assigned to someone on the systems team. You (the contact) will receive a confirmation email once the ticket is generated. Some tasks require an approval and will not be acted upon by the Aux Services support team until that approval has been granted through the system. The approver will be automatically notified by the system via email when a ticket is awaiting their approval.

Open a Ticket