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Information Technology Services

About Virtual Private Networking (VPN) at BC

Setup Eagle VPN

When to Use VPN

  • To access specific computers or servers behind BC's firewall. The firewall is a security measure that prevents anyone that does not have a BC IP address from accessing certain things on BC's network.
  • To access confidential BC information from home that should be encrypted (scrambled) while traveling on the Internet.
  • To access your campus computer through file sharing.
    Note: VPN is not needed to access your BC email. A VPN connection is also not needed for standard use of the Internet and web; this can be done through your Internet Service Provider (ISP) alone.


Configuring a VPN connection to the BC network

Important: When you connect to the BC network via VPN, you are agreeing to the University Technological and Information Resources policy, even if you are using a personally owned computer.

Using Google Apps Abroad

There are known issues accessing Google Apps from certain countries, including China. We recommend you connect to Eagle VPN. If you're having trouble accessing Google Apps while abroad, let us know.