So many programs to choose from

Students can choose from a wide range of semester and academic year programs. Search and compare Boston College programs and approved external programs. The advising and application process for semester and academic year programs is similar. Application instructions are available to assist students in the process.

Students can extend their time abroad by adding a BC faculty-led summer program or intenship. Note that the advising and application process for summer programs is different. Information and application instructions for summer programs and internships is available to assist students.


Semester & Year

BC and approved external programs


BC faculty-led programs and internships

What is the difference between BC and external programs?

Boston College Programs

While we encourage you to compare and consider several programs for your study abroad experience, please remember that at the end you will be approved to apply to one program only. Students who are not accepted to their first program of choice will be accommodated on other Boston College programs.

Full year program* applicants must meet with an OGE advisor before submitting an application.

Nanjing University                                                                        

Hong Kong SAR, China
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)   
The University of Hong Kong (HKU)

Sophia University
Waseda University

Monash University Malaysia

New Zealand
University of Otago

What am I looking for in a program?

No one is judging you for your [language] mistakes, but will certainly congratulate you and encourage your achievements. Don’t be afraid or feel uncomfortable, and really do your best to engage in the language and culture wherever you are studying.
Study Abroad Participant, MCAS '19

Approved External Programs

We offer over 70 BC programs around the world. To accommodate students who would like to study in a country or a city in which BC currently does not offer a program or need tailored programs for certain majors, the Office of Global Education offers a selection of approved external programs as semester and academic year options. 

Please note that if Boston College has a contractual agreement with an institution abroad, BC students may attend that institution only through a BC program and not through direct enrollment or through another college, university or independent organization.

Note further, students considering external summer programs are encouraged to contact their academic dean's office.

Petitions for Non-Approved Programs: With so many options to chose from, students are expected to first consider a BC or approved external program. If a student cannot find such program that meets their academic needs, he or she may petition to approve a program not currently listed. Students must have a strong academic rationale for choosing a program currently not approved. Students are required to meet with the OGE advisor for their chosen region to discuss the case and obtain access to the petition application. Petitions are approved on a case-by-case basis and must be submitted before the application deadline. If granted approval, the program is administered as an approved external program.