McGillycuddy-Logue Center for Undergraduate Global Studies

Established in 2008 with a generous gift from Kathleen McGillycuddy and Ron Logue, the McGillycuddy-Logue Center for Undergraduate Global Studies promotes and fosters innovative international learning for undergraduate students at Boston College.

Kathleen McGillycuddy


Part of a well-rounded education in the 21st century is learning what it means to be a global citizen. Enabling students to experience a broader view of the world and their role in it, while supporting their ability to attain practical skills and first-hand experiences to apply in their future careers, will be key areas of focus for this center.
Kathleen McGillycuddy

Current programs and activities of the Center


Often, I was the only American and native-English speaker in the room, which was a new feeling for me yet one I soon grew to cherish, as being an outsider provided me with so much perspective on myself, my ideas, my understanding of what is “normal,” and how all of these things fit into the broader picture of what it means to be human.
Boston College McGillycuddy-Logue Scholar, Class of 2021