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Date posted:   Oct 18, 2023

The Gospel of Mark

Photo of The Gospel of Mark

Fee: $30 | Three Weeks
Discover Mark’s vision of Jesus as the mysterious figure “the Son of Man,” misunderstood and rejected by all.  Learn of this gospel’s direct and stark portrayal of the power revealed through suffering and crucifixion, and Mark’s call to professed believers: What will you do with your faith? Dr. Philip A. Cunningham and Fr. Michael Himes offer an overview of the gospel’s origins, features, and key insights. No previous experience in Scripture study is necessary.



Introductory Week:  Video and/or Article: The Writing of the Gospels
Week 1:  The Suffering Son of Man: Mark's Portrait of Jesus
Week 2:  A Closer Reflection on Key Themes in Mark

Content Scholars:  

Dr. Philip A. Cunningham (text), professor of theology and religious studies, St. Joseph's University, and Rev. Michael J. Himes (video), priest of the Diocese of Brooklyn, New York, and professor of theology, Boston College Theology Department.