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Date posted:   Feb 28, 2024

Revitalize the Church

Photo of Revitalize the Church

Fee: $30 | Three Weeks
With a range of scandals contributing to a breakdown in trust, the Church is in a time of challenge and uncertainty. Engage with an alternative perspective to discuss the potential for renewal and revitalization. 


It is a challenging time in the Church. Leadership, governance, and the sexual abuse scandal have all contributed to a breakdown in trust among its members and brought about serious questions around its viability. This course offers an alternative way to view the situation by considering the potential for renewal and revitalization. Articles from the Summer 2019 C21 Resources and video segments provide material for reflection, contextual understanding, and practical strategies for moving towards reform.

This course has a required resource: Summer 2019 C21 Resources, Revitalizing Our Church.


  • Week 1: Introductory Week
  • Week 2: Facing the Challenge of Revitalization
  • Week 3: Responding to the Challenges of Revitalization

Additional Materials Needed:

All materials will be made available in the course.  

Content Scholars: Various contributors edited by Elise Italiano Ureneck.