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Date posted:   Oct 24, 2018

The Grace of Friendship

The Grace of Friendship

Fee:  $25
Three Weeks


In the Spring 2018 issue of C21 Resources, “The Gift of Friendship,” guest editor Timothy Hanchin selects a collection of essays that assists us in deepening our understanding of friendship and connecting our friendships with each other to friendship with God.


  • Getting Started Week:

  • Week 1: Accepting God’s Friendship

  • Week 2: Dimensions of Human Friendship

Special Features
This course includes:

  • Initial comments to introduce the book
  • Weekly questions to begin the discussion
  • A regularly updated Resources page for further study on the topics discussed in this course
  • A special forum to share reflections and meditations on the Scripture selections

Additional Materials Needed:

This course uses the Spring 2018 Issue of C21 Resources: The Gift of Friends (opens new window)

Time Commitment:

A participant can expect to spend approximately 3-4 hours each week.  This commitment includes both preparation and interaction online.

Fee: $25

Content Scholar: Timothy Hanchin, the guest editor of this issue of C21 Resources, is an assistant professor in the theology and religious studies department at Villanova University.