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Date posted:   Sep 21, 2022

Christian Faith and Moral Character

Photo of Christian Faith and Moral Character

Fee: $60 | Five Weeks

Rather than a list of commandments, this course examines a fundamental element of moral experience: the formation of a person's character.


What sort of person are you trying to be? How does your Christian faith influence your goals? After clarifying the meaning and significance of character as reflected upon in the Christian theological tradition, the course addresses the topics of moral freedom, human sinfulness, and the nature of conversion. Feature film clips are used to provide occasions to discuss various themes emphasized in the readings.


  • Introductory Week
  • Week 1: Moral Character - what is it and why is it important?
  • Week 2: Moral Freedom - the nature of freedom and the process of shaping character
  • Week 3: Human Failing and Sin - examining the language and meaning of the mystery of sin
  • Week 4: The Grace of Conversion - understanding the meaning of authentic conversion and its place in the moral life

Special Features
This course includes:

  • Four articles by Father Kenneth Himes, O.F.M.;
  • Streaming video of film clips used each week to discuss key points;
  • Written transcrips of videos to view and download;
  • Weekly questions for reflection and discussion;
  • Weekly introduction and study guide;
  • Resource page to use for further study;

All Crossroads courses include these features:

  • Participants have access 24 hours/ 7 days a week to the course's password-protected web site. 
  • Each participant belongs to a small Community for Conversation and faith sharing guided by a facilitator.
  • Site is usually available to participants at least three months after the course.
  • An orientation in how to navigate the web site is always available.
  • Technical assistance is easy to contact and prompt in returning a message.
  • A Certificate of Active Participation is awarded to those who post at least three messages of substance for each week of content.

Additional Materials Needed
Everything you need for this course is provided on the course web site.

Time Commitment
A participant can expect to spend an average of approximately 4 hours each week. This commitment includes both the assigned reading and interaction online.

Content Scholar: Father Kenneth Himes, O.F.M. is professor emeritus of theological ethics at Boston College Department of Theology