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Date posted:   Oct 04, 2023

Old Testament Narrative

Photo of Old Testament Narrative

Fee: $60 | Five Weeks
Often we only hear Scripture a few verses at a time. Would you like a better grasp on how all those pieces of the Old Testament fit together? Biblical scholar Andrew Davis maps out the main arc of the Old Testament narrative through an exploration of Creation, Covenant, Prophecy, and Kingship. 



  • Getting Started Week: Introduction to the course
  • Week 1: Creation
  • Week 2: Covenant
  • Week 3: Prophecy
  • Week 4: Kingship

Digital text available in the course: Andrew R. Davis. Exploring the Old Testament, Twenty-Third Publications, 2018.

Content Scholars:

Andrew R. Davis (text), associate professor of Old Testament; Richard J. Clifford, S.J., (video), professor emeritus of Old Testament; Michael Simone, S.J., (video), assistant professor of Old Testament; and Thomas D. Stegman, S.J., (video), professor of Old Testament; Boston College School of Theology and Ministry