Education and Outreach

Weston Observatory activities include an array of intiatives in earthquake research, education, and public outreach. The Boston College Educational Seismology Project (BC-ESP) is the education and public outreach component of the Observatory. The BC-ESP began as a program to operate seismographs in K-12 schools, and based on those classroom seismographs, it continues to provide educational enrichment for students of all ages, using seismology as a medium for a broad-based science education program.

BC-ESP has now expanded to include public libraries, where the seismograph operating in the library becomes a focus for various education and outreach events, such as science education programs for young children and Weston Observatory scientists giving public lectures for both adults and children. The initial goal of the BC-ESP was to integrate earthquake monitoring and seismological research with educational experiences for K-12 students. Significant progress has been made toward that goal, and the mission of the BC-ESP has now expanded to include advancing awareness and understanding of earthquakes and the science of seismology for students of all ages. The BC-ESP mission is integrated with our earthquake monitoring and research at Weston Observatory through engaging students of all ages in experiencing scientific inquiry through citizen-based earthquake monitoring.