Career exploration is an exciting process that is fueled by curiosity, reflection, and imagination. Before you make decisions regarding career, we encourage you to invest time into learning more about yourself. By understanding what gives you joy, what you are good at, and what you can offer the world, you will be prepared to make informed decisions as you move forward in your career. The resources below will help you get started. 

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Our specialized exploration career coaches are here to help you get started, work through feelings of doubt, talk through your ideas, and connect with specialized industry resources when you are ready.


This cluster may be for you if:

You are undecided on your career path and curious to learn about career clusters/industries  

You have a desire to identify your skills and interests

You seek to gain information and experiences to inform your career journey

If you have preconceptions or doubts that are preventing you from exploring careers in certain fields, we encourage you to make an appointment. Let’s dig deeper into these beliefs and engage in a meaningful conversation together.

Featured Resource to Explore Careers

Focus 2 Career is a major and career exploration platform that will guide you through a series of self assessments. Your assessment results are then matched to career and BC-specific major options.

To Access: Complete the form, new users will be required to enter the access code: Eagles. 

Focus 2 Career

Wondering Where to Begin? Start with "The Three Questions"

two students at annual student involvement fair

What Brings You Joy?

The first step in career exploration is looking inward to identify your values and interests. What you spend your time doing and what topics you are frequently curious about are good starting points. Take a self-assessment, participate in an immersive program, or utilize online tools to discover what sparks your interest.

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What Are You Good At?

The second step of career exploration is determining what skills you have to bring to the world of work. Every job, internship, classroom experience, and opportunity has helped you to develop skills. Understanding more about yourself and your personality can help you to think about potential occupations and work environments.

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What Does the World Need You to Be?

Once you better understand your interests and skills, you can move on to the final step of identifying what potential careers may be a good fit for you. Take opportunities to learn about different careers by doing online research, talking to people working in jobs of interest, or participating in a job shadow or internship program.


Our Programs to Help You Explore

Students at Envision


For Freshmen and Sophomores

Envision is for you if you are feeling lost or overwhelmed, facing pressure to pursue a specific path, or having doubts about a major choice. You will leave this day-long experience with a personalized plan for career exploration.

Students at Envision


For Sophomores and Juniors

Endeavor provides you the opportunity to explore the fit of a few careers of interest by providing space to identify skills, network with alumni, and visit an organization within an industry. 

Students at Envision

Alumni Job Shadow Program

For Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors

The job shadow program is an opportunity to shadow a BC alum to explore a field or job function of interest. Over the course of one day, you will gain valuable insight, make connections, and further discern how your skills, interests, and values translate to the workplace.

Students at Envision

Designing Your Career Course

For Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

A one-credit hybrid course that provides you with structure to the career exploration and preparation process by guiding you through design thinking-inspired exercises.

Students at Envision

Experiential Learning

For all class years

The Career Center offers a variety of programs and tools to help you experience the world of work, including job shadows, career treks, and more.

Embrace Your Career Exploration

"Some advice to anyone of any age out there still exploring: Embrace it! Don’t fear it. Let it fuel you. Let it motivate you. Enjoy every second of this exploration phase because now is the time to ask all of the questions without having the answers.

You’re allowed to be a little lost. You’re allowed to be a little uncertain. Relish it! Relish the uncertainty and instead of seeing it as something obstructive see it as something that opens up a whole world of possibilities."

Nat Murcia, MCAS ’19

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