Fifty-eight students have graduated from this year's Summer Management Catalyst Program offered by the Carroll School of Management. The intensive 10-week program, to which undergraduates must apply for consideration, was developed in response to the growing desire for business classes among BC students across fields of study.

With a curriculum designed to help non-management students develop a solid, broad foundation in functional areas of management, the program began in the summer of 2014 with 33 students.

"We’re very pleased with Catalyst's growth in terms of both quantity and quality of students," said Vice Provost for Faculties Billy Soo, who directs the program. "Word has gotten out, and is continuing to spread, about the transformative experience of the program. When we started this three years ago, we knew we had a very good program in concept, but I don’t think we fully anticipated just how much of an impact it would have on our students in the marketplace. Students are discovering what a powerful complement the Catalyst program is to their liberal arts, science, or education degree."

Through coursework in accounting, finance, marketing, operations, ethics, law, strategy, and other management areas, participants learn how organizations operate, and develop management skills to contribute to complex, not-for-profit, business, and government entities. They also develop career strategies and, with enhanced credentials, improve their ability to land competitive internships and other positions.

In addition to Boston College undergraduates, the Catalyst Class of 2016 includes two students from Georgetown University and Middlebury College.

—News & Public Affairs