This seminar gathers religious, academic, political, and community organizing leaders from the Boston Greater Area to discuss the contributions of migrants to social development and innovation, including challenges and best practices.

Cosponsored by the School of Theology and Ministry and the Scalabrini Centers for Migration in Boston


Video 1 - Panel 1: Trends in Integration, Development, and Social Innovation of Migrants: Global, National and Local Perspectives

Opening Remarks

  • Rev. Thomas Stegman, S.J., dean, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, and professor of New Testament
  • Rev. Volmar Scaravelli, pastor, St. Tarcisius Church, and director, Brazilian American Center Framingham    
  • Seán Cardinal O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston

Panel Members

  • Bela Hovy, chief, Migration Section, United Nations Population Division (TBC)*   
  • Donald Kerwin, executive director, Center for Migration Studies
  • Alejandra Guillen, director, Immigrant Advancement, Boston Mayor's Office 
  • Moderator:  Kevin Appleby, Senior Director of International Migration Policy, Center for Migration Studies

*Edited out due to poor audio recording.


Video 2 - Panel 2:  Local Governments Roundtable

Contributions of Migrants to Economic and Social Development through Job Creation, Entrepreneurship, and Social Innovation in Boston

Panel Members

  • Carlo DeMaria, mayor, City of Everett
  • Irma Flores, community engagement specialist, City of Somerville
  • Margaret Shepard, Framingham City Council
  • Moderator: Alvaro Lima, director of research, Boston Planning and Development Agency

Video 3 - Panel 3:  General Consulates Roundtable  

Best Practices and Challenges to Advance in the Protection, Promotion, and Integration of the Immigrant Community in Boston

Panel Members

  • General Consuls of Latin American countries in Boston - GRULAC
  • Gilvania Oliveira, Consul General of Brazil
  • Emilio Rabasa, Consul General of Mexico
  • Jorge Alberto Figueroa, Consul General of Guatemala
  • Moderator: Westy Egmont, associate professor of global practice, and director, Immigrant Integration Lab, Boston College

Video 4 - Panel 4:  Scalabrini Centers for Migration in Boston

Promoting Integration and Easing the Immigrant's Journey in Boston

Panel Members

  • Sister Elisete Signor, administrator, Centro Comunitario Scalabrini, Everett
  • Liliane Costa, administrator, Brazilian American Center (BRACE), Framingham
  • Rev. Adriano Tezone, administrator, Scalabrini Assistance and Cultural Center, Somerville
  • Moderator: Hosffman Ospino, associate professor of Hispanic ministry and religious education, Boston College

Closing Remarks

  • Rev. Leonir Chiarello, executive director, Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN)