Immigration and Catholic Social Teaching

portrait of Kristin E. Heyer

Overview of the Presentation

In the fall of 2017, Kristin E. Heyer gave a public presentation entitled “Kinship Across Borders: Catholic Ethics and Migration.” In it, she offers insights regarding the issue of immigration and the way in which Catholic ethics and social teaching can shape how we think about migration today.  After providing a window on the reality of immigrant experience here in the United States, Dr. Heyer explores the contribution that Scripture and Catholic ethics can make in challenging the present political and economic discussions.  The impact of present practices toward immigrants is examined, with a particular emphasis on women and families.  Dr. Heyer concludes her presentation with some signs of hope.  

Kristin E. Heyer, Boston College professor of theology 

Using this Resource

This resource is a guide to using an STM Online: Encore presentation as a conversation starter with members of a faith community.  Each part of the presentation may be used separately, in combinations with each other, or in a sequence over a period of time.  For example, a catechetical leader might use each part of the presentation over the course of a year at meetings with catechists.  A pastor may choose to use only one segment to encourage discussion on a related agenda item.  “Immigration and Catholic Social Teaching” has broad application to issues facing faith communities today.  Consider using one or more segments with a parish pastoral council, or with a social justice or outreach committee.