Islam 101

portrait of Natana DeLong-Bas

Overview of the Presentation

Natana Delong-Bas offers a broad overview of the Islamic tradition.  She invites listeners to shatter stereotypes and to more deeply understand “what it is that Muslims believe and why their faith tradition is so dear to them.”

Natana Delong-Bas, Boston College associate professor of the practice of theology.  She is the author of Islam: A Living Faith (Anselm Academic, 2018).

Using this Resource

This resource is a guide to using an STM Online: Encore presentation as a conversation starter with members of a faith community.  Each part of the presentation may be used separately, in combination with each other, or in a sequence over a period of time.  “Islam for Catholics” has broad appeal for a faith community.  It could serve as a standalone adult ed series, or could supplement the learning of a wide variety of existing parish groups.  Segments could be used by for periodic catechist meetings or Catholic school faculty meetings, and it would also be appropriate for high school religion students studying the world religions.  Prayer groups, Scripture study, outreach groups, and women’s or men’s groups could find this resource to be a worthwhile enhancement to their work and mission.