October 12, 2017

Presenter:  Miroslav Volf

Does openness to other religions and interreligious harmony require compromising one's own strong faith convictions?  This is one of the pressing questions for the future of interreligious dialogue.  In his book Flourishing, Why We Need Religion in a Globalized World, Miroslav Volf tackles this question in a penetrating way.  This lecture is based on years of involvement in dialogue and peace work in the Balkans, and on Volf's important role in responding to the Muslim dialogue initiative, "A Common Word Between Us and You," of which we celebrate the tenth anniversary.  

Cosponsored by the Boston College Department of Theology, The School of Theology and Ministry, and The Church in the 21st Century Center

Miroslav Volf, Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology, Yale Divinity School, and Founding Director, Yale Center for Faith and Culture