Emerging Adulthood Think Tanks

The purpose of our Think Tanks is to work with researchers, practitioners, community-based organizations, legislatures, and other key stakeholders on issues impacting the health and well-being of emerging adult populations aged 18-29 in the U.S.

Police Violence


The Police Violence think tank focuses on developing measures to assess and document disparities in prevalence rates of exposure to perceived racism-based police violence among emerging adults.

Personal Safety


The Personal Safety think tank is dedicated to monitoring and working to reduce interpersonal (i.e., homicide) and self-directed (i.e., suicide) violence that threatens the personal safety of emerging adults.


Social Mobility


The Social Mobility think tank is a collective that monitors the education, employment, and personal income outcomes among emerging adults.

Mental & Behavioral Health


The Mental & Behavioral Health think tank is centered on providing practical solutions to improving the mental and behavioral health of emerging adults.

Racism-based Trauma


The Racism-based Trauma think tank is committed to creating a society where emerging adults from marginalized populations are free from racism-based trauma, and where diversity and inclusion are celebrated and promoted.