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Mental & Behavioral Health Think Tank

Vision: To create a world where the mental and behavioral health of emerging adults is prioritized, destigmatized, and supported with comprehensive and practical solutions, enabling every emerging adult to thrive and reach their full potential."

Mission: The Mental and Behavioral Health Think Tank is committed to researching, developing, and advocating for evidence-based strategies that effectively improve emerging adults' mental and behavioral well-being. Through collaboration with experts, communities, and policymakers, we aim to reduce barriers to access, enhance support systems, and foster a culture of understanding and compassion, ensuring that mental and behavioral health becomes an integral part of the journey towards adulthood.

Goal: Our primary goal is to significantly enhance the mental and behavioral health outcomes of emerging adults. By conducting groundbreaking research, promoting awareness, and driving policy changes, we seek to remove the stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health, increase access to affordable and effective treatments, and provide practical tools and resources that empower emerging adults to navigate the challenges they face. Through our collective efforts, we envision a future where mental and behavioral health is proactively addressed,fostering a generation of resilient and flourishing emerging adults.