COVID-19 Summer Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty and stress for students and, understandably, many of you have career-related questions as a result. We want to reassure you that we are here to support you. The Boston College Career Center will remain fully operational over the summer. You can meet with a career coach in a virtual format or attend a virtual drop-in any weekday.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the number jobs and internship opportunities available, there are still a variety of opportunities for you to gain skills and make progress in your career journey this summer. The information on this page will help you have a productive summer.

We will continue to provide updates on this page as well as our social media channels (@bc_career) and monthy summer newsletters. Please also continue to visit Boston College’s Coronavirus website for the latest information and guidance. We are here for you today and every day. Stay safe and healthy.

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Summer Virtual Drop-In Hours

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How to Have a Productive Summer


Did your job or internship plans fall through because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are things you can still do to build skills, gain valuable experience, and become a more attractive candidate to employers.

Meet with a coach you build your career roadmap

Whether you’re getting started with career exploration, in an active internship or job search, or deciding between a few paths, there are plenty of things you can do from your house to help you make progress in your personal journey. Our coaches are available to help you determine your goals and action items for the summer and fall.

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Participate in the Summer Praxis Program

Praxis is a free comprehensive, self-guided summer career program designed to help Boston College students of any major recognize and develop the skills most highly sought after by employers. You can register at anytime to gain access to the Canvas site.


Build meaningful connections with BC Alumni

If you haven't already, set up your Eagle Exchange profile. Use the platform to message BC alumni to get career advice. Set a goal of speaking with one alumnus a week. By the end of the summer, you will have 10-12 informational interviews under your belt.

Eagle Exchange

Complete a virtual work experience program

Virtual work experience programs mimic entry-level work done at top companies. Through the InsideSherpa platform, you can sign up for a project where you are given a hypothetical set of tasks that an employee would expect to complete on a given work day. You will gain valuable career skills and build your resume.


Do a virtual internship from home

Intern From Home is a website connecting highly qualified students with forward-thinking companies for virtual internships.

Intern From Home

Volunteer your time and build skills

Boston College calls on its community to be people for others. Volunteering is a great way to get involved, serve your community, and develop skills, So what can you do to be of service? Check out our Career Center blog for ideas and inspiration.

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Take a Boston College summer course

Consider a BC summer course to further your progress toward degree completion and free up time for an internship this fall.

Course Catalog

Master the virtual interview

Virtual interviewing is here to stay and can be more challenging than in-person interviews—the more practice, the better. Review our interview resources and practice using Big Interview.

Interview Resources

Prepare for graduate school

Summer is a great time to prepare your materials for future graduate school applications as well as study for entrance exams.

Graduate School Resources


COVID-19 Resources

  • Guide to Graduating During COVID-19: Guide to help students as they enter the workforce in the age of Covid-19. This guide includes short and long-term action steps
  • Candor: User submitted data listing which companies are still hiring and which have frozen hiring.
  • TalentBoard: If you've had your job offer rescinded, you can create a profile, attach your resume and it will be shared with recruiters.
  • COVINTERN: Get connected with remote internships at top startups and companies.