Student Affairs is home to 15 affiliated departments that provide a rich array of co-curricular programs and services that promote student learning, health and wellness, leadership development, and community engagement. The division's 180–member staff works with faculty, administrators, and alumni to support the personal, professional, social, and spiritual growth of the University's undergraduate and graduate students.

Our Mission

The mission of the Boston College Division of Student Affairs is to help students grow as caring, engaged, mature human beings influenced by the social, intellectual and religious heritage that has long shaped Boston College as a Jesuit, Catholic institution of higher education.

Our Pillars


Organizational Excellence




Our Strategic Priorities

Contribute to Boston College’s mission as a Jesuit Catholic institution committed to the integration of intellectual excellence, spiritual commitment, and social exploration, especially through initiatives with Academic Affairs and Mission and Ministry.

Promote a culture of care and engagement on campus and in the surrounding community.

Challenge students to live lives marked by personal integrity, concern for others and generosity of spirit.

Encourage students to grow in knowledge of themselves, others, and the world.

Support professional development of students and staff as they consider their talents and aspirations.

Signature Programs

New Heights Retreat

Reflect the mission and values of the division of student affairs in staff development opportunities.

CURA Series

Expand the work of the CURA series/program by incorporating interdisciplinary campus partnerships and experiences in Academic Affairs, Mission & Ministry, and Athletics.

Common Leadership Experience

Create a universal training model that provides consistency and alignment across divisional student leadership and student employee roles.