Because Every Guy Needs His Team

The Freshmen League is an all-male program designed for first-year men at BC. Freshmen are placed on a team with seven other freshmen guys and two upperclassmen leaders called “Captains.” The purpose of the program is to help freshmen guys learn the ropes of BC, give them access to upperclassmen mentors, and get off campus to experience the city of Boston with a fun group of guys.   

What will I do in the Freshmen League?

Freshmen League teams meet once a week during the spring semester in their Captain’s mod or off-campus apartment. The meetings are a casual get together where guys can talk about their BC experience and benefit from the wisdom of the Captains.

Freshmen League teams also have a modest programming budget and will go on one outing each month in the city of Boston. Teams have played trampoline dodgeball, gone F-1 go kart racing, had dinner at Fire and Ice and gone to Red Sox games among other activities.

How do I become part of the Freshmen League?

Applications to the Freshmen League open a few weeks into the school year (we want to give you a chance to settle in first). The deadline to apply is November 5, 2020 at midnight. The program really begins in January, but all freshmen must apply in the Fall.

Does the program cost anything?

We ask all participants to pay a $125 deposit to be part of the Freshmen League. This money goes towards off-campus programming for each team. If the $125 is a financial burden, there is a grant application process available for those who qualify.

Why should I do the Freshmen League?

We realize that you’ll make tons of friends in your hall as a freshman, which is awesome. The Freshmen League is a way to make even more friends. It also gives you access to upperclassmen who want to help you have a great BC experience.

Freshmen League

Applications open in Summer 2020

If you have any questions, email