Lunch and Learn: Approaching Data Across the Disciplines

This lunch-time seminar series is aimed at sharing methodological approaches and building collaborative, data-focused teams for research in the social sciences and humanities.  Through presentations from faculty members and graduate students, this series will promote the cross-disciplinary dissemination of research methods, foster collaboration in the exploration of large-scale data sets, and build the skill sets of faculty and graduate students.

The series will meet monthly in the Schiller Convening Space, Rm 501 in 245 Beacon. The Schiller Institute will provide lunch. Each seminar will run from 12:00 to 1:15. Faculty, post-docs, and graduate students are invited.

Registration: Please register if you are interested in attending any of the following seminars. We hope you will join us.  

Proposed topics and speakers:

Tuesday, February 21: Masha Krupenkin (Political Science) and Saber Khani (Sociology):

Methods/Data Type; Application:

Cell mobility data: Measuring the effect of Covid on economic activity
Web-scraping: Creating a database of faculty interests

Wednesday, March 29: Kate Willis and Noah Snyder (Earth and Environmental Science):

Methods/Data Type, Application:

Geographical information systems and geo-based data; Landscape and river mapping over time

Thursday, April 27: Theresa Betancourt, Sarah Jensen, and Matias Placencio-Castro (School of Social Work):

Methods/Data Type, Application:

Longitudinal data, cluster randomized trial; Early childhood development
Presentation title: Unpacking broader impact of interventions: Examining spillover effects of a parenting intervention in Rwanda