Q: Why was a redesign needed?

A: The last time BC.EDU was redesigned was in 2006. Technology has changed a bit since then. The old site had significant deficiencies in design, layout and was unresponsive to mobile devices. The new site is the first step to bring Boston College more in line with other top tier institutions.

Q: What are BC Links?

A: Tremendous effort was taken to learn user behavior on the site. Through analytics, focus groups and user testing, the project team pinpointed the most used sites on BC.EDU. BC Links will help you quickly navigate the site to find useful information like hours, menus, Agora Portal, news and events.

Q: Where can I find Agora Portal?

A: Agora Portal can be found on the 'BC Links' menu on the upper right corner of every Phase 1 page. The log-in is a simple design. If you are looking for news, or ‘BC Info,’ click on BC News.

Q: What happened to 'BC Info' (AKA InfoEagle)?

A: The websites maintained by the Office of News & Public Affairs have been streamlined to BC News. It consolidates the former BC Info, BC Chronicle and NPA pages. This approach was taken to better serve our community and visitors.

Q: I am on the BC News page. How do I navigatie to the BC homepage?

A: From BC News and all of the news stories, users navigate back to the home page by clicking on the 'Boston College' in the upper left. Similarly, click on 'BC News' to return to the main news site.

Q: Where is the A-Z Listing and the University directory?

A: On the upper right hand corner of the desktop is 'search' button with a magnifying glass. Links to both A-Z and the directory can be found in that panel.

Q: Where is the University Library homepage?

A: A link to the University Library homepage can be found in BC Links (upper left) under the second "Resources" column. Links to the homepage and each library can also be found on the new library landing page. (Direct link is in the left column in "Updates" and under "Academic Tools" on the bottom of the page.) An additional link can be found on the Faculty & Staff page.

Q: My school or department site is unchanged. When will my site be updated?

A: These updates are just the beginning in what will be a transformation of all Boston College websites. The redesign effort will take many months to complete. In upcoming days the administrative advisory team will meet with deans and vice presidents to determine needs for new sites to move toward the new format. We ask for your continued patience with this process.

Q: I am an AEM site editor. How will this change impact my day to day work?

A: It won't. If it does, contact us. These changes will not impact your day-to-day posting until your site is redesigned.

Have additional questions? Here's a link to a form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.