The number of books and articles published about Lonergan, and studies that have drawn on his work, has mounted dramatically over the years. Two journals, devoted entirely to Lonergan studies, are published by the Boston College Lonergan Institute:

  • The Lonergan Workshop journal, edited by Fred Lawrence, makes available to a wider audience the papers presented every summer at the Boston College Lonergan Workshop. Each annual volume typically contains ten essays or more, and reflects the “ongoing collaboration” that was Lonergan’s vision of the fruit his work would bear.

  • METHOD: Journal of Lonergan Studies is published twice a year, and includes articles by Lonergan scholars from all over the world. A number of Lonergan’s own essays were first published in METHOD, and several “symposium” issues have gathered essays on topics such as consciousness, theology and the human sciences, and philosophy of the religious phenomenon.

The Lonergan Institute at Boston College is proud to offer individual subscriptions, institutional subscriptions, and back issues of both the Lonergan Workshop journal and Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies.

In addition to these journals, and under the auspices of the Workshop journal or the Lonergan Institute, a number of monographs have also been published that carry Lonergan’s influence into a remarkable range of disciplines. To learn more about these offerings, and for purchasing options, please click on the appropriate link above.

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