The service center processes payroll related actions for:

  • Non-faculty employees
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students 

We also process supplemental payments and faculty summer salaries as needed.

Requirements for Processing Student Hires

For graduate service stipend or undergraduate hires, please provide:

  • Eagle ID of student
  • Description of work
  • Monthly or hourly pay rate (whichever applies)
  • Number of hours
  • Term of employment

For graduate non-service stipend, please provide:

  • Eagle ID of student
  • Description reason for stipend
  • Monthly pay rate
  • Number of payments

All new employees must complete the required forms and submit the required supporting documentation prior to receiving a paycheck, access to university systems such as email, and access to parking privileges.

All required forms and supporting documentation should be submitted to HRSC located at 129 Lake Street. Please notify the Center for Centers when all required forms are completed.

  • I-9 Employment Verification Form (undergraduate students need to submit this form to Student Services located in Lyons Hall)
  • Federal Tax Form (W-4)
  • MA State Tax Form (M-4)
  • Personal Data Form
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Foreign Nationals Form

Once the required forms and documentation have been submitted and processed, you have the ability to obtain:


Find your username and password on your offer letter or through the Student Service Office in Lyons Hall. Use you username and password to access your email through the Agora portal.


If eligible for parking privileges, parking passes are obtained at Student Services located in Lyons Hall

ID Card

ID cards can be obtained at Student Services located in Lyons Hall

Paycheck Schedule

Faculty & Professional Staff (Exempt Employees)

Employees receive monthly payments paid on the 16th of every month. This check covers the first through the last day of the month.

Graduate Students

During the course of the Academic Year, students are paid a monthly service stipend from September–December and February–May. Payments are made on the 16th of the month and cover the first day to the last day of that month.

If supported for the summer months, students are paid monthly stipends from June–August.

Clerical Staff and Undergraduate Students (Non-Exempt Employees)

Payments are made are a weekly basis. The work week is Sunday to Saturday with a one week lag time for payment.

Kronos Workforce Central is the web-based timekeeper application used by employees to input hours worked, and used by managers to review and approve employee hours. Kronos Workforce Central is accessed through the Agora portal. You can access the Kronos system only with a computer located on campus or via BC's VPN. Hourly-paid employees should submit hours on a daily basis. If you forget to submit hours, email us and specify the number of hours and the week the hours are owed for.

Kronos Workforce Instructions for Employees