Educate, Motivate, Refer!


Created in 2011, The Institute for Wellness Coaching has trained and certified more than 800 students to become Wellness Coaches. They aim to support their peers by discussing personal health behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and skills to develop actionable goals and strategies to become healthier and feel well. Wellness Coaches are trained to facilitate individual coaching sessions in the following three areas:

  1. BeWell: focused on all general health topics such as sleep, nutrition, body image, exercise, substance use, stress and time management, academics, relationships and social life, mental health, spirituality, and community involvement

  2. NourishWell: focused on food, body image and movement and how to develop positive perceptions and beliefs about weight, activity, nutrition, and body image

  3. ChooseWell: focused on alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs and how to develop strategies for safe use or receive support and mentorship around navigating the social culture if you choose not to drink