CWBC members are passionate about strengthening the future of Boston College. We engage with BC’s senior leaders, serve on its boards, and support a wide range of University priorities that help raise the profile of the University as a whole.

CWBC in the News

Number of CWBC members in BC giving societies (FY22)

102 members belong to the 1863 Society

  • 18 in the McElroy Circle
  • 23 in the Bapst Circle
  • 12 in the Fulton Circle
  • 19 in the Gasson Circle
  • 30 in the Monan Circle

31 members belong to the Shaw Society

CWBC Scholarships for female undergraduate students

The CWBC Pops Scholarship provides important current-use (immediately available) scholarship funds for female students with financial need.

The CWBC Endowed Scholarship ensures the long-term provision of financial aid to deserving female students for future generations.

These scholarships exemplify CWBC members’ unwavering dedication to support female students and further the powerful, collective philanthropic impact of the CWBC on the BC community now and in the years to come.

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