Undergraduate Programs

The goal of the Boston College 6-course (18 credit) academic minor in Global Public Health and the Common Good is to introduce students from a wide range of majors, disciplines, and schools across Boston College to key concepts in Global Public Health. Many students in the minor are pre-health and nursing students, but we encourage students from all majors and all schools across BC to apply for the minor. A distinctive future of the minor is its strong emphasis on the ethical, moral, and legal foundations of global public health.

The 12-course (18 credit) major in Global Public Health and the Common Good will prepare students for postgraduate studies (MPH and PhD) and careers in public health. It will enrich the education of students headed to medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine who wish deep knowledge of public health. Coursework in the maior will be grounded in epidemiology and biostatistics, the core disciplines of public health. Students will delve deeply into the intellectual and experiential understanding of the social determinants of health - the complex web of social, economic, environmental, political and historical factors that influence health and drive the spread of disease. Students who pursue the major will gain a solid grounding in public health science and be prepared for postgraduate pre-health studies; further study in public health or health policy; and direct entry into the public health workforce.

Visit the CSON website for academic program information and coursework requirements.

Electives for the Global Public Health and the Common Good Major and Minor

Additional electives may be considered subject to the approval of the Program Director and Associate Deans. Please contact publichealth@bc.edu for prior approval and further instructions.

Students pursuing a Minor in Global Public Health must select 3 Electives, at least one of which MUST be from the Public Health Electives list (List B). 

  • CSON minor Students only:  All CSON Nursing students must take NURS4260 and NURS4261 which both count as University Electives (List A), therefore the final elective must be from the Public Health Electives list (List B).

Students pursuing a Major in Global Public Health must select:

  • 2 Electives from either the University Electives or the Public Health Electives list