STM graduates becoming priests

Recent School of Theology and Ministry graduates who are being ordained this month are (left to right): (standing) Brad Held, S.J.; Daniel Corrou, S.J.; Brian Taber, S.J.; Marcus Fryer, S.J.; Michael Rossmann, S.J.; Stephen Wolfe, S.J.; (seated) Christopher Calderón, S.J.; Richard Nichols, S.J.; Joseph Simmons, S.J., and Philip Sutherland, S.J. All were part of the Faber Jesuit Community. (Photo courtesy of Not pictured: Anthony Lusvardi, S.J.

Ten recent graduates of the School of Theology and Ministry are among the 29 Jesuits being ordained to the priesthood this month in the United States, Canada, and Haiti. 

Many of the newly ordained met the Jesuits early in their lives. Brad Held, S.J., who graduated from the STM last month with a master of divinity degree, entered the Society immediately after earning his bachelor's degree from Marquette University in 2006.

Others took more circuitous routes: serving in the military, earning multiple advanced degrees, volunteering with service programs, working for corporations and nonprofits, teaching and completing fellowships.

Daniel Corrou, S.J., who earned his licentiate in sacred theology from the STM in May, did a bit of everything: first teaching in Micronesia for two years at a Jesuit school with Jesuit Volunteers International (JVI); returning to the U.S. to earn a master’s in theological studies at Harvard; working on a trading desk at Fidelity Investments for two years; taking a job with JVI headquarters at Georgetown University; and working in campus ministry at the College of the Holy Cross before becoming a Jesuit.

Profiles of all the ordinands can be found on

In addition, three members of the STM community will be ordained outside of North America: Victor Gacitua Lambert, S.J., Province of Chile; Alberto Dominguez Munaiz, S.J., Province of Spain, and Jerome Wing Seng Leon, S.J., Dependent Region of Malaysia-Singapore.

The ordinands have been assigned to a variety of ministries, including working at parishes and retreat centers, serving migrants in Haiti, teaching at Jesuit schools and continuing their studies toward advanced degrees.

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