The Fall of Summer (2014) is one of two photographs that art history major Benjamin Flythe ’16 exhibited in the student gallery tent on Stokes Lawn during the 2016 Arts Festival. Using a digital camera with a 50mm lens, the Western Massachusetts native photographed his childhood friend Chelsea Ofsuryk (wearing a wedding dress purchased from a thrift store) in a northern Connecticut sunflower field. The image is a composite of nine photographs he stitched together in Photoshop, a technique called the Brenzier method.

In addition to exhibiting students’ studio artworks, the 2016 festival drew audiences with 36 events showcasing performances by nearly 1,300 undergraduates in theater (e.g., the Dramatics Society’s Songs from Cabaret and the theater department’s The Servant of Two Masters), music (BC bOp!, the Madrigal Singers, a battle of student bands), dance (14 troupes in all), spoken-word poetry, and standup comedy.

(Originally published in Boston College Magazine)