BC juniors and new UGBC leadership team Akosua Opokua-Achampong and Tt King. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)

Akosua Opokua-Achampong and Tt King this semester became the first female duo to be elected UGBC president and executive vice president. 

Both Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences juniors, King and Opokua-Achampong – who in February was awarded the University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship – met as freshmen, when they were paired as roommates.

 “I just want BC to be the best version of itself,” Opokua-Achampong told The Heights in a recent interview. “I will speak up for something so long as it is the truth and I feel that it is right.” 

The team’s five platform points include student experience, health and wellness, intersectional community, transparency and campus improvements, and sustainability.

“I feel really honored that we had the student body backing us, and also a great sense of responsibility to reflect the voices of students who both did and did not vote for us,” King said. “Above all, I think I’m just really excited to build on the foundations set by the administrations before us, while also hitting on our policy points.” 

King looks forward to “the opportunity to meet with administrators and to mediate between what students want to see from their home at BC and what the university will hold space for. I’m honestly just itching to get to work to support students, especially those most marginalized.” 

The aspiring social worker, current community organizer and member of the LGBTQ+ community added: “To have the chance to represent the entire community very humbling and exciting.”  

—University Communications