Chris Ulmer prepares to film at the Campus School at Boston College

Chris Ulmer brought his 'Special Books by Special Kids' project to the Campus School at Boston College. (Photo: ABC World News Tonight)

It was a special day for four special kids when Chris Ulmer arrived at the Campus School at Boston College to interview them for a video project that has become a national phenomenon.

After his idea for a book focused on America's kids with special needs was rejected by 50 publishers, Ulmer set about creating an alternative: he established a nonprofit and hit the road to highlight them himself, interviewing them on camera and posting the videos to his "Special Books by Special Kids" Facebook page. The project now has more than a million followers in more than 100 countries.

Ulmer visited the Campus School, which has been providing a personalized approach to students with multiple disabilites for more than four decades, in early April to film an "America Strong" segment for ABC World News Tonight.

His video of Campus School students Sam, Lana, Thomas, and Noah, which you can view on his Facebook page here, has drawn nearly 700,000 views and more than 650 comments.

The "America Strong" segment, below, aired on ABC News on April 27, and includes some Campus School footage of Lana, as well as of students Adelaide, Ricky, and Brett (around 1:05).

Chris Ulmer and Campus School student Lana on ABC World News Tonight

Chris Ulmer and Campus School student Lana on ABC World News Tonight's "America Strong."

The Campus School teachers, therapists, and nursing staff work with families and across disciplines to create a supportive and welcoming environment where every student can thrive and shine. For more information, visit the Campus School at Boston College website.

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