Boston College will conduct its triennial survey of faculty and staff in an effort to gain a better understanding of the work climate and overall professional experiences of University employees.

The Faculty & Staff Experience Survey, co-commissioned by the provost and dean of faculties and vice president for human resources and administered by the vice president for institutional research and planning, will be distributed to all BC employees on Monday, March 14. The survey, which follows Faculty & Staff Experience surveys that were administered in 2015 and 2018, will solicit feedback from faculty and staff on a wide range of topics, with the ultimate goal of enhancing employee satisfaction.  All information submitted by employees is anonymous.

Vice President for Human Resources David Trainor said the survey is an extension of the University’s commitment to assisting employees in their professional development.

“Boston College has a longstanding culture of planning and assessment that helps to inform its managerial decisions,” said Trainor. “This survey, which identifies areas of strength and areas that require greater support, is an important tool for determining priorities regarding the development of our employees.”

The survey will be offered confidentially to more than 4,000 BC faculty, staff, and administrators, both online and through a paper version for employees without access to computers. The survey will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese, and should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. The deadline for responding to the survey is April 29. The results will be shared with the University community in the fall.

Trainor said that Boston College is committed to conducting a Faculty & Staff Experience Survey every three years in an effort to help members of the BC community to thrive professionally.

“Surveys help to shape professional outreach efforts and focus our attention on areas of concern,” he said.  “We are fully committed to making the BC work experience as satisfying as possible for all of our employees.”

Jack Dunn | University Communications | March 2022