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Boston College is deeply committed to accessibility for the disabled and to removing barriers that impede it. This commitment has been and remains an institutional priority. 

Given the topography of the campus, BC has had to overcome navigational challenges throughout its 103 years on Chestnut Hill. 

In the past decade alone, Boston College has invested millions of dollars on accessibility measures ranging from ramps, elevator improvements, accessible routes and automatic door openers, to dorm room reconfigurations, Braille signage and audible pedestrian signals. We are constantly working to provide the latest advances in accessibility design and technology. 

In light of its ongoing commitment to accessibility, Boston College is compelled to respond to a petition that contains misinformation and false statements.   

We’d like you to know the FACTS.

FACT: Contrary to the petition, Boston College has not removed wheelchair ramps and accessible routes and replaced them with stairs. 

FACT: Given the steep slope between McGuinn and Carney halls, Boston College, as part of its stairway replacement project, requested and obtained a variance from the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board to provide alternate 24/7 handicapped access from McGuinn Hall to the Campus Green through Carney Hall. These improvements create a new accessible pathway, a new access ramp at the first-floor entrance of Carney, improved elevator controls and security modifications to allow 24-hour access.        

FACT: Boston College has a team of fully licensed and well-trained architects who supervise all internal design work in compliance with state and federal laws. 

FACT: Given the importance of accessibility issues at Boston College, the University’s 504 ADA Coordinator is Vice President for Human Resources David Trainor. 

FACT: Boston College has a recognized Student Disability Board that is part of its undergraduate student government.  BC administrators are available to meet with board members at any time. 

FACT: Boston College also sponsors a Disability Services Coordinating Committee, which consists of faculty and administrators, and works to improve services and assist students with disabilities. 

FACT: No students have been threatened and/ or disciplined for speaking critically about disability access on campus. 

FACT: Boston College is not insensitive to accessibility concerns. We ask you to reject the misinformation campaign and evaluate its compliance efforts based on the FACTS.