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Behavioral Evaluation Team

office of the dean of students

The Behavioral Evaluation Team (BET) is a multidisciplinary group of staff and faculty that serve as the central hub of information regarding students who may be in distress or crisis and/or who are displaying concerning behaviors.  In its work, the BET stresses prevention and early intervention with students and works to coordinate the resources of the University in order to develop support strategies for students.  The goal of the BET is to improve the overall well-being and safety of individual students and the campus community.

When a student demonstrates behavior that poses a serious and imminent health or safety risk and/or demonstrates behavior that is significantly disruptive to the University learning environment, the BET makes an individualized assessment of the matter.  The BET may then recommend to the Dean of Students or designee a range of responses and support strategies that include, but are not limited to:

  • Outreach to the student to provide direct support;
  • Refer to on campus support resources and/or case management;
  • Mandate a medical/ psychological assessment and that the student adhere to treatment recommendations from any such assessment;
  • Modify campus housing placements to limit further disruptions of the residential community, which may include relocation in campus housing, separation from campus housing, and/or conditions on remaining or returning to campus housing;
  • Institute an interim administrative action(s); and
  • Recommend or require a leave of absence.

The Dean of Students, or designee, reviews any recommendations of the Behavioral Evaluation Team, makes a determination about what, if any, measures are appropriate, and oversees the implementation of any recommendations of the BET.

If you are concerned about a student, please see this brochure about recognizing and supporting a student in distress.