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Discover Your Interests, Skills, Values, & Personality Style

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Before you make decisions regarding major and career, you should take some time to identify your interests, skills, and values. By understanding what gives you joy, what you are good at, and what is important to you in life, you will be prepared to make informed choices and avoid pitfalls as you move forward in your life and career. Remember that your career development is an ongoing, lifelong process of exploration and decision-making and that you may make changes in direction and focus as you move forward in your life.

You can learn more about your interests, skills, and values through reflection and formal self-assessment offered through the Career Center. Below you will find exercises that will guide you in reflecting on your past experiences to identify your interests, skills, and values. In addition, you can take an online formal self-assessment and follow up with a coach to further explore your interests and skills.



What brings me joy?

Interests are those areas that attract our attention and inspire us to learn more, They can be reflected in what you enjoy doing, learning, and thinking about.

To reflect on your interests, click here.

strong interest inventory

Strong Interest Inventory (SII):

The SII is designed to identify your career interests. The assessment helps you discover who you are, potential majors, and explore career paths that may be a fit for you. In order to take the SII you must be referred by a Career Coach, who will provide you with the link and log-in information. You will then set up an appointment with a coach on the Career Exploration Team to receive your results.

O*NET Interest Profiler:

The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you discover your interests and how they relate to potential careers. This 60 question assessment will measure your occupational interests into Realistic, Social, Investigative, Enterprising, Artistic, and Conventional types. You can take the assessment here and the results will be available online immediately after completion.


What am I good at?

Skills are natural and learned talents or abilities that become improved practice. These strengths are specific attributes and personal qualities that you bring to a role or organization. Skills can be impacted by your interests and developed over time.

To reflect on your skills, click here.

Skillscan icon

You may not realize it but every class, leadership position and activity you participate in throughout your BC education is preparing you for a meaningful personal and professional life. The great news is that employers value many of the skills that you are developing as a Boston College student.   Learn more about the eight career competencies that employers seek and reflect on how you can continue to develop skills in these areas. 

In addition to these transferable skills, be sure to research industries of interest to learn more about skill sets that are specific to a job and/or industry.


What do I think is important?

Values are deeply held convictions that guide or influence the choices you make in life, including career decisions. Values are also self-motivators that indicate what you consider most important in your life. Your values are reflected in how you invest your time and the skills you choose to develop.

To reflect on your values, click here.



I want to learn more about myself

Understanding more about yourself and your personality can help you to think about potential occupations and work environments, as well as consider how you might function on a team.

Personality Type Indicator

This assessment can help you to identity your personality type. Your type results can guide you as you reflect on how you relate to others, how you get your energy, how you receive and organize information, and how you make decisions. Follow this link to take the assessment.

Meet with a career coach to discuss your results and how to use this information as you seek career direction.