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Working with Start-Ups

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Working with Start-Ups

Did you know that every month, more than 500,000 new businesses are launched in the United States?

A start-up company can offer an exciting environment filled with new ideas, positive energy, and rapid decision-making. Although they may present some risks, these fledgling enterprises also offer the potential of high reward.

If you are considering joining a start-up as an intern or employee, keep in mind the following:

  • Most new businesses do not survive beyond one year.
  • Although start-ups sometimes lack the resources to pay high salaries, a part-time unpaid internship or volunteer position can provide a good opportunity to join an organization on the move. Working for a start-up can be very lucrative if the company goes public.
  • Much of your training and professional development may happen on the job since start-ups don’t always have the resources to formally train new employees.
  • Start-ups typically offer easy access to senior leadership. It is not uncommon for the newest employee to have a desk only a few feet from the company president.
  • Working for a start-up usually gives you experience with a range of job functions. Because the staff of a start-up is typically small, employees wear multiple hats.

If you are considering interning or working for a start-up, start networking in the local start-up community while you’re still a student at BC. Here are some valuable resources in the Greater Boston and Cambridge areas: