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Step-by-Step Process

boston college career center

Intership Fair

An internship is a great way to gain professional experience and make connections. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started.


Determine your goals and requirements

Consider the following questions:

  • What industries or career fields interest you? Some students choose internships that are related to their major, while others choose a particular field out of personal interest. Not sure what you want to do? Schedule an appointment with a career coach.
  • Do you need to be paid for your internship, or can you take an unpaid opportunity?
  • If you’re considering a summer internship, are you willing (and able) to relocate temporarily?
  • How will you commute to the internship? Does it need to be easily accessible by public transportation?


Search for internship opportunities

The Boston College Career Center offers excellent resources for finding an internship, including EagleLink, which provides access to thousands of listings shared by a national group of prestigious universities, and UCAN, an online resource open to students from member schools across the country. UCAN is accessible through EagleLink. For more information, see Internship Listings.


Write your resume and launch your internship search

The Career Center offers a wealth of resources to help you craft the best possible cover letters and resumes. We highly recommend that you attend a Resume and Cover Letter Workshop and, after incorporating what you have learned, bring your documents to the Career Center for a critique during Drop-In hours or by making an appointment with a peer career coach or career coach.

Be sure to follow all application instructions carefully; for example, if an employer requests a resume, cover letter, and transcript, be sure to provide all three. Failure to follow instructions will most likely have an adverse impact on your search.


Prepare for interviews

A good interview can help you stand out as you compete for the best internships. Here are some tips:


Choose your internship

A good internship will challenge you in some way, teach you about a career field or industry, and give you new skills that will be valuable to you and to future employers. To make sure you choose a worthwhile internship, ask questions during your interview:

  • What skills do I need for this internship?
  • What skills will I gain from this internship? What can I expect to learn?
  • How will most of my time be spent? What percentage of my time will be spent on routine tasks?
  • Who will supervise me? How often will we meet?
  • Have you ever had an intern before?
  • What are your expectations of me? 



Make an appointment to meet with a career coach or visit us during Drop-In Hours.