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Academic Credit

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In some cases, you can earn academic credit at Boston College for an internship.  There are a variety of processes to get credit for an internship. 

  • You may apply for one credit for an internship.  The internship can be paid or unpaid, but must be 50+ hours in length and is graded as Pass or Fail.  Only one such credit will be counted toward the 120 credits required for graduation. To get academic credit for an internship, you must complete the Internship Approval Form, have it filled out by your supervisor and bring it to Academic Advising.  Once the supervisor confirms that you completed the internship, Academic Advising will then indicate that you have passed the course on your record.
  • Occasionally, employers will ask for proof that the University will allow the internship to be taken for credit.  If this is the case, you should bring the internship listing to Academic Advising.  If the internship satisfies the criteria, you will receive a letter indicating that the University does allow the internship to be taken for credit.
  • Some academic programs may offer academic credit for an internship, so you will need to contact your academic department for specifics of how many credits you may earn and any other requirements.  Below are links for more information for some BC majors. If your major is not listed here, contact your department anyway.