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Prepare to Apply: Consider Courses and Activities

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If you plan to apply to law school, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to strengthen your application and make yourself an attractive candidate. Here are some strategies.

Choosing a Major

Law schools are interested in candidates from every discipline. Choose courses that will develop your analytical and writing skills as part of a broad liberal arts background, and choose a major from any area that interests you, including business, education, and healthcare. It is your performance, much more than the specific courses you have taken, that will determine your attractiveness as a law school applicant.

With this in mind however, Boston College does offer a variety of law-related courses that may be useful for students considering law school, even if they do not provide any direct advantage in gaining admission.

These fall into three broad categories:

Skills Useful for Law School


In addition to analytical and writing skills, pre-law students benefit from developing their skills in analytical thinking, public speaking, debating, Latin, accounting, and finance.

CO 030 Public Speaking
CO 105
Elements of Debate
CO 375
Argumentation Theory
CO 500
Debate Practicum
CL 010
Elementary Latin
EN 412
Writing Workshop
MA 021
Financial Accounting
MA 022
Managerial Accounting
MF 021
Basic Finance
PL 264
PL 577
Symbolic Logic: Theory and Practices

Substantive Areas of Law and Legal Reasoning

If you want to know whether you will find the practice of law interesting, exposure to one or two substantive law courses can be helpful in making your decision.

IN 521 International Law
MA 405
Federal Taxation
MJ 021
Law I - Introduction to Law and Legal Process
MJ 022
Law II - Business Law
MJ 147
Constitutional Law
PO 521 International Law
MJ 152
Labor and Employment Law
MJ 154
MJ 156
Real Estate
MJ 603
Cyberlaw for Business
MJ 631
African Business
MJ 674
Sports Law
MJ 803
Topics: Law for CPAs S/Sum
UN 256
Environmental Law and Policy
PO 386
Civil Liberties

Courses about Law and the Legal System

The courses described here can make you a stronger law school applicant by improving your skills and enhancing your understanding of the law and how it works.

CO 249 Communication Law
CO 263
Media, Law, and Society
EC 338
Law and Economics
EC 353
Industrial Organization: Competition and Antitrust
HP 274
What Is Law?
IN 504
Seminar: Ethics in International Studies
IN 600
Ethics, Religion and International Politics
MJ 102
Law and Ethics
PL 160
The Challenge of Justice
PL 261
Telling Truth I: Writing for the Cause of Justice
PL 377
Ethical Theory
SC 030
Deviance and Social Control
SC 144
Legal and Illegal Violence Against Women
PL 500 Philosophy of Law

For more information about choosing courses that will help you prepare for law school, please visit the Document Library in EagleLink.

Participating in Activities and Internships

Over time, get more deeply involved in fewer extracurricular activities.  Take opportunities to lead. Research projects, public interest programs, and business experiences are all valuable in building your skills and reflecting an engaged, problem-solving attitude.

Consider joining the student pre-law organizations at Boston College, the Bellarmine Law Society and the AHANA Pre-Law Student Association.

For more information about preparing for law school, see the American Bar Association’s pre-law page.