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As you consider potential career paths, it’s a good idea to spend some time reflecting on your skills, interests and goals before planning next steps and launching a job, internship, or graduate school search.


Your choice of major should align with your interests, skills, and values. Graduates from Boston College find excellent jobs in a variety of fields because they have the flexible skills required to succeed in various environments.

You’re more likely to succeed in a major, and ultimately a career, that you enjoy. It is best to choose a major based on your interests. Your career choice may or may not directly relate to that major. That’s okay because, regardless of your major, you will develop skills employers are seeking. We also encourage you to keep in mind that there is no way to predict what the job market will look like after you graduate. If you’re not sure about your academic interests, check out the fun and engaging exercises we have to help you discover your interests, skills, and values.

However, some careers do require or encourage specific preparation. If you have a clear goal in mind, you may want to taking certain classes outside your major—such as business or computer science. If you’re having trouble choosing a major, we invite you to meet with a career coach. Meanwhile, here are some resources that can also help:



The BC Career Center can support you in many ways as you identify and explore careers that are a good fit with your interests, skills, and values. Here’s how to get started:

Do Your Research

There are many resources available to help you with your research on career options. To explore what options are available to you based on your major or industry interests, take a look at our Exploring Careers by Major/Industry resources.

Once you have narrowed down your interests,consider the following:

  • Take advantage of your free access to Vault’s Career Insider, a collection of guides to career fields and companies.
  • Access BC's Career Resource Library for an extensive collection of resources that can help you explore various jobs and career paths.

Network and Connect

Get Some Experience

Based on your research, take on an internshipexternship or volunteer work in a field that interests you. You will learn the realities of the specific job, type of work, and if these truly appeal to you by being in the work environment.

Think about your experience to figure out what you liked (and didn't) about the work environment, career field, and type of work, which will help you make career decisions.