Pulled Up Short is a podcast that aims to create moments of being “pulled up short”—experiences of surprise and curiosity when we encounter an idea, text, or experience that challenges our ways of thinking and deeply held assumptions about the world.

Each episode features a different insight, with each one asking us to entertain the possibility of a different worldview and re-examine some of our presuppositions.

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Stanton Wortham

Are you interested in piquing your curiosity and reimagining the world anew… in only 35 minutes? Tune into “Pulled Up Short" where the conversations explore the insight and its implications for how you might change your understanding of or stance toward some aspect of experience.

In the News

Pulled Up Short, season 2 

November 2021

In the second season of “Pulled Up Short,” podcast guests address deeply held or unquestioned positions—on fate, individuality, social class, and more—and the possibility that they may be incomplete or distorting.

Do witches exist? 

October 29, 2021

His definition of witchcraft—not defined by pointy hats or Halloween—might challenge you to consider not only whether witches exist, but whether you could be a witch as well.

Lynch School dean launches podcast

March 19, 2021

Should six-year-olds be allowed to vote? “Pulled Up Short” engages guests in unique conversations that encourage inquiry and openness to new ideas.