04-11-19 10yr_STILL

April 11, 2019

Panelists: Andrew R. Davis, STM associate professor of Old Testament; Dominic Doyle, STM associate professor of systematic theology; Brian Dunkle, S.J., STM associate professor of historical theology; Colleen Griffith, STM professor of the practice of theology and director of spirituality studies; Mary Jo Iozzio, STM professor of moral theology

Moderator: Jane E. Regan, STM associate professor of theology and religious education and chair, Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry

As we bring our celebration of our first ten years to a conclusion, a panel of STM faculty from various areas of research and teaching reflect on key themes or movements in their area that will shape the future of theological education. These areas of reflection include: Bible, Church history, ethics, practical theology, and systematics.

Trends across theological disciplines include concerns for contemporary contexts, lifting up marginalized voices, interdisciplinary practice both within theological fields and beyond to the social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and so forth.  A major point of concern is the need to better communicate the richness of the Catholic theological tradition in the contemporary world where traditional approaches are disconnected from changing educational values, with the growing need to participate in the 21st Century's social media technologies.

Sponsored by the School of Theology and Ministry