October 11, 2017

Presenter:  Catherine M. Mooney

Recent research about Clare of Assisi has confirmed some former scholarly opinions and upended others about this historical figure. Fully committed to Francis of Assisi’s religious program, she helped forge a new form of women’s religious life that transformed traditional monasticism via a more radical poverty, a consensual style of community life, and an insistence that she and her sisters belonged to the Franciscan movement as fully as Francis’s friars.  In this presentation Mooney discusses highlights of her recent book on Clare of Assisi’s and her allies’ struggles and shares her current research on how Clare, after her death, was transformed into a Saint whose image was manipulated to reflect the varying agendas of popes, friars, artists, and others.

Sponsored by the School of Theology and Ministry

Catherine M. Mooney, STM associate professor of Church history