February 11, 2016
Panelists: Marilú Del Toro and Hosffman Ospino
Moderator: Thomas H. Groome

American Catholicism in the 21st century is in the midst of a major demographic and cultural transformation driven.  It is driven largely by the fast-growing presence of Hispanics, who currently make up about half of all Catholics in the United States. This presentation reflects on the challenges and possibilities of being Catholic in the United States in an increasingly Hispanic Church. How does such transformation affect our commitments to Catholic ministry, social action, and theological reflection?  

Cosponsored by The Church in the 21st Century Center and the School of Theology and Ministry

Marilú Del Toro is an STM student, and Hosffman Ospino is STM assistant professor of Hispanic ministry and religious education.  Moderator, Thomas H. Groome is director of The Church in the 21st Century Center.