April 4, 2016
Presenter: Rev. Carlos Maria Galli    

This lecture draws from Fr. Galli’s work as an Argentinian theologian working on various Latin American projects, including his close collaboration with then-Cardinal Bergolio in writing the concluding document of Aparecida, the groundbreaking 2007 meeting of Latin American Bishops that mapped the most recent pastoral and theological vision for evangelization on the continent.  This reflection is a journey through the various intellectual, cultural, and ecclesial influences, including the centrality of the “Theology of the People,” that shaped the thought of Pope Francis over the years and today inspires important directions of his pontificate.

Cosponsored by the School of Theology and Ministry and The Church in the 21st Century Center

Rev. Carlos Maria Galli is professor of theology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina and advisor to Pope Francis.