March 31, 2014
Panelists: Mary Susanne Dziedzic, C.S.S.F., José Lopez,
Digna R. López, 
and John Hatcher, S.J.

Moderator: Dean Mark Massa, S.J.

How do we put into action Pope Francis's call to be advocates for the poor and agents of change?  This event spotlights the experience of U.S. Catholics who put this call into action on a daily basis.  Panelists share compelling stories about the work they do to transform the lives of people in some of America’s poorest communities.  These include an ecumenical movement jump-started in the poorest county in South Carolina; work in California to keep the Church present for young people as an alternative to drugs and violence; and life-changing efforts to promote sobriety and build community on a Lakota reservation while maintaining their traditions.

Panelists are honorees of Catholic Extension's Lumen Christi Award, which recognizes the unsung heroes who serve in the country's most under-resourced dioceses and foster Catholic communities that build faith, inspire hope, and ignite change.

Sponsored by STM and Catholic Extension, a national nonprofit that uniquely contributes to the growth and vibrancy of the Church in the U.S. by strategically investing in poor mission dioceses.

Panelists: Mary Susanne Dziedzic, C.S.S.F., Felician Sisters, Kingstree, South Carolina;José Lopez, director, Migrant Ministry, Diocese of Stockton, California; Digna R. López, director, Hispanic Ministry, Diocese of Stockton, California; and John Hatcher, S.J., is president, St. Francis Mission, St. Francis, South Dakota.  
Moderator, Mark Massa, S.J., is dean of the School of Theology and Ministry and professor of Church history.